14 year old girl and 17 year old boy guilty of manslaughter


A 14 year old girl and her 17 year old boyfriend, neither of whom can be named, have been found guilty of manslaughter, having been found not guilty of murder.

Junior Nkwelle, aged 15, was playing football on a housing estate in Brixton, south London, in September 2012. He had been playing football with his friends when an argument broke out. The girl and her friends seem to have taken offence over something.

The girl then telephoned her boyfriend and told him to come to the estate to teach Junior a lesson. He travelled by bus and when he arrived, started fighting with Junior. He then stabbed Junior in the chest with a knife. The wound cut his heart and a lung. He died at the scene.

The court heard that Junior did not know either the boy or girl prior to the incident and that ‘there was no quarrel between them.’

It would appear that the manslaughter convictions are on the basis that there was no intention to kill or cause really serious injury, however there has been no confirmation of this.

The sentencing hearing is on 5 April. We will report the sentences imposed in due course.

The sentences imposed are likely to be custodial. Here is some for information on youth custodial sentences.

The BBC news reports are here and here.

Image taken from the BBC.

4 thoughts on “14 year old girl and 17 year old boy guilty of manslaughter

  1. James

    No intent to cause serious harm? I’m not quite sure how the jury reached that conclusion… He stabbed the victim in the chest! What else did the idiot expect to happen?

  2. AngryEthnicMinority

    Should be hung! Rediculous sentance, just allows the little gang tribe members to carry on in 7 years time

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