Carlos Tevez arrested for Driving while Disqualified

We covered the story of Carlos Tevez’s disqualification from driving (and other penalties) on 16th January 2013 here. The news reports indicate that he was arrested on 7th March 2013 (after police acted on ‘information provided’) on suspicion of Driving while Disqualified.

It seems that he was bailed off until 12th March due to the lack of a Spanish interpreter.

Although any trial would be heard in the Magistrates’ Court (who are less susceptible to press coverage than juries), because it is still ongoing we will not say any more now. If you have any questions about the law, please see here for an explanation of Driving while Disqualified.

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6 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez arrested for Driving while Disqualified

  1. Andrew

    No comments – of course -about the substance but I don’t think his first name is Carol!

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