Batman now up for burglary!

In February 2013, we covered the story of Batman, the crime fighter of Bradford, who brought a suspect to justice by handing him over to the police. Sadly, it transpired that the story was a lot less mundane. Stan Worby, as Batman was better known to his friends, was driving a friend (Daniel Frayne), at Mr Frayne’s request, to the police station as police officers wanted to speak to him.

In the last piece, we looked at the possible criminal offences that the caped crusader might have committed. Well, we’ve found out that Batman has had his collar felt. This didn’t relate to the story that shot him to the world’s attention, but was a result of a van being stopped and found to contain stolen property. We are told that Mr Worby and Mr Frayne have both been charged with burglary and have been bailed to attend Gotham Bradford Magistrates’ Court on 26th April 2013.

We won’t say any more as the case is still on-going, but will be keeping an eye on it …


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