Daniel Bidace Anthony sentenced to 42 years in prison

Daniel Bidace Anthony

Photograph courtesy of Metropolitan police/PA

Daniel Bidace Anthony has been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 42 years for offences of murder, attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. He shot dead Dothan Gordan in his Ealing home in June 2012 and then shot twice at Gordan’s partner, double amputee, Amy Ashitey, as she lay in bed.

The jury sitting at the Old Bailey heard that Mr Gordan had attempted to act at as a middleman in a drugs deal.  Bidace Anthony spent two hours with Gordan in his west London home before taking him into a separate room, forcing him to kneel on the floor, forehead against a stool, and executing him with a single shot to the back of his head.

Bidace Anthony then turned on Gordan’s partner, Ms Ashitey, shooting her twice, because she recognised him.

The jury spent ten hours deliberating, eventually returning a majority verdict of guilty.


Excluding whole-life tariffs, the 42 year minimum term is believed to be the longest determinate sentence ever imposed in England and Wales.

Unfortunately we don’t yet have the sentencing remarks, and so it’s not clear how the 42 year term was arrived at.  However, we can safely presume that, for the offence of murder, the Judge would have started at the 30 year-mark due to the use of the firearm, and taken into account the aggravating features to increase the minimum term.  If sentencing remarks become available, this post will be updated.

What we do know is that further sentences of 36 years (attempted murder) and 15 years (possession of the firearm with intent to endanger life) were also handed down.  These sentences will run concurrent to the 42 year sentence for murder.  The total minimum term is therefore 42 years.

More on life sentences can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Daniel Bidace Anthony sentenced to 42 years in prison

  1. Jonathan Bild

    Probably the joint-longest determinate minimum term (I can’t think of a longer one since Roy Whiting’s David Blunkett-imposed 50 year tariff was reduced to 40 years) but Miran Thakrar also received 42 years in 2008.


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