Barrister in the Dock for Council Housing swindle

The same day that a Liverpool solicitor was getting banged up in Birmingham, a barrister was in Court in Bristol. Nothing unusual in that you may say, but this one was unfortunately on the wrong side of the dock.

Nadine Wilson-Ellis was convicted on 19th July 2013 of ‘various offences under the Fraud Act’. It seems that she was granted a council tenancy in Bristol in November 2009 on the basis that she was living and working in the city and was an unemployed single parent with one child. This was untrue however – she was living with her husband in Nottingham and working as a Law lecturer getting £30,000 a year (and sub-letting her Council Flat).

Ms Wilson-Ellis apparently owned two homes but applied for a larger house (as she had two children) in 2011 where the documents she submitted in relation to this were found to be false and the deception unravelled.

It’s not clear exactly what offences Ms Wilson-Ellis was found guilty of. It may be that she was claiming housing benefit, or it may be that it was in relation to obtaining a council tenancy that she was not entitled to. Either way, there was probably a charge or two relating to the use of false documents. In the absence of that it’s hard to know what sentence she is looking at but, contrary to the popular view, the Courts tend to chuck the book at one of their own who get caught misbehaving. Until then, here’s a look at the Sentencing Guidelines for Fraud to be getting on with …

She will be sentenced on the 9th August and we will return to it then. It may well be a headline of ‘barrister behind bars’ …


6 thoughts on “Barrister in the Dock for Council Housing swindle

  1. Lauren

    I am a student of the defendant in question. I wish I had listened to Nadine more when discussing the topic of Fraud, as clearly she was somewhat an expert.
    I was wodnering where I could find some news of her sentence?

    1. Dan Bunting Post author

      Hi Lauren

      Thanks for reminding us of it … It seems that she wasn’t sentenced today as originally planned (she was not on the Court list today and is not for Monday). There could be various reasons for that (lack of a pre-sentence or other report) but we don’t know at this stage. We’ll try and keep an eye on it and update it when the sentencing hearing happens.

  2. Lauren

    Is there anyway of finding out when the sentencing will be, and why it has been postponed?

    1. Lyndon Harris

      She has now been sentenced and a post looking at this will be published later.

      Generally, you could phone the list office of the court and ask about a particular case. They should be able to tell you when a case has been adjourned to. They may or may not be able to tell you why. Whether or not they would tell you is a different matter.

    1. Anon

      Of course.

      Statistically speaking, crime is more likely to be committed by the non-indigenous relative to their proportion of the population.

      “But its the poverty” won’t work for this example!


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