Rachel Manning killer finally imprisoned after boyfriend wrongly convicted

Shahidul Ahmed

photo courtesy of BBC News

Shahidul Ahmed has been convicted of the murder of Rachel Manning in 2000, five years after Ms Manning’s then boyfriend, Barri White, was freed on appeal and acquitted in a retrial.

We covered the beginning of the trial, here.

In 2000, two days after attending a friend’s party with Mr White, Rachel Manning was found dead on a golf course.  Her face was disfigured, after death, by a car steering lock, presumably in an attempt to conceal her identity.

Ms Manning and Mr White left the party together, went to a nearby nighclub where they stayed until the early hours of the morning, leaving separately after a disagreement.  Mr White went to the home of his friend, Keith Hyatt, believing Ms Manning had gone home.  Later that evening Mr White received a call from Ms Manning asking him to collect her and take her home, but when he got to the Blockbuster store where they arranged to meet, Ms Manning was nowhere to be seen.

In 2002 Barri White, was convicted of her murder, a conviction that was quashed on appeal in 2008.  Keith Hyatt was also convicted for perverting the course of justice, and was imprisoned for two and a half years before his conviction was overturned.  Mr White was retried in 2008 and was acquitted.

Five years on Shahidul Ahmed has been convicted of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 17 years.  His DNA was found on the car steering lock, linking him to the crime.

More on the case can be found here.


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