Peter Bunyan – successful appeal for sex on duty PCSO

We covered the case of Peter Bunyan, a PCSO who was sent to prison for seven years for having sex with various women whilst on duty, on 19th March 2013.

We stated that our view was that the sentence was too long (‘Mr Bunyan’s sentence seems appealable’). Well, on 9th November 2013 we were alerted through CrimeLine that Mr Bunyan had in fact appealed, and he was successful.

The Court of Appeal decision doesn’t lay down any great principle of law, but is worth reading to give the full facts, and we like to keep you uptodate with developments in the cases that we have looked at.

In the end, the Court concludes that the sentence was manifestly excessive and reduced it to 3 years – less even than we had suggested would have been appropriate.

This is a very large reduction – the Court of Appeal rarely make that much of a change, especially when it is a sentence passed by a Judge who has heard the trial. In this case, it has achieved the right result.

4 thoughts on “Peter Bunyan – successful appeal for sex on duty PCSO

  1. Andrew

    My guts tell me to issue the ancient common law writ de clave sanguinare abiacienda – in English, throw the bloody key away – and I know one regular here who would agree.

    My head – which is better for thinking with then the guts, just like the guts digest food better than the brains – tell me that seven was out of line but so is three. As somebody used to say on TV: I’d give him five.

  2. sisterhooduk

    I’m struggling to see why the court of appeal believed his sentence was manifestly excessive. He certainly had no problem with an excess of enthusiasm for thinking with his little brain and landing himself in big trouble deliberately going for women who were in a vulnerable place at the time. My guts having digested this thinks 9 years would have sent the right message to the others like him who are out there in any case he would have been out in abt 4.5 years. With this new sentence he’s going to be out in about five minutes.


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