Philpott Appeal to be televised?

We have had an initial look at the filming of proceedings in the Court of Appeal. We will do a proper review once it has been bedded in, but it’s safe to say that it hasn’t caught the world alight as yet.

But, early days. Maybe what is needed is a good, juicy case to come along that will really whet the public appetite?

Maybe a good place to kick this off would be with the appeals of Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley. The case is well documented (see here for our coverage). Their appeal is to be heard on 29th November.

The BBC reported on 15th November 2013 that it was planned that their appeal would be shown on television. Yes, that’s the same BBC who got the facts wrong on the appeal last month – and they did it again this time, saying ‘The reason for the original appeal being dismissed has not been released‘ – which is wrong – there hasn’t been an appeal yet.

But this should be one to watch (literally as well as metaphorically). As the facts are so well known it won’t suffer from what many cases will – that anyone watching won’t have any idea what the facts of the case are.

As we have said before, it would be even better if the Court of Appeal published the Grounds of Appeal in advance so we know what the lawyers are talking about. But at least the casual viewer would have a fighting chance on this one…

We will have a look at it after the appeal hearing.

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