Nathan Flynn pleads guilty to murdering his grandmother


On 3rd December 2013 Nathan Flynn, a twenty six year old man, pleaded guilty to murdering Louisa Denby (his grandmother), as well as attempting to murder Jason D’Arcy, a nine year old boy seemingly unknown to him.

On 30th June 2013 Mr Flynn attacked his grandmother with a knife in a ‘brutal and frenzied attack‘ at her home. The next day he tried to ‘entice an eight-year-old girl from her garden‘ before allegedly attacking a man with an iron bar (although we have to be careful with this as it seems that the charges relating to this have been dropped). Later on the 1st July he stabbed Jason in the arm and chest. It seems that this attack was also near-fatal and he was lucky to survive.

The motive for all Mr Flynn’s actions are unclear. The case has been adjourned to the 18th December for sentence, and we will return to it then.

The only sentence that can be passed is one of life imprisonment. The critical question will be what tariff is imposed (see the link for details of how this will be calculated). The key questions will be why Mr Flynn attacked his grandmother and whether this was pre-meditated. If, as seems likely from other news sources, the argument started at her house, then it may be that the appropriate starting point is 15 years.

This will be increased substantially to reflect the savage attack as well as the other offences. Credit for the plea of guilty will of course be given. Although this will reduce the sentence, it is likely that the tariff will be longer than 15 years because of the other factors.

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3 thoughts on “Nathan Flynn pleads guilty to murdering his grandmother

  1. Simon Taylor

    “On 3rd December 2013 Nathan Flynn, a twenty five year old man”
    The report you linked to says he is twenty six.

    1. Dan Bunting Post author

      Ah… We often collect information from different news stories, but only link to one (often the most reputable or informative). For some reason, there is often inconsistencies about age. We shall change it to avoid confusion! Thanks for pointing that out.

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