Wesley Williams – life for murder of ex and son


On 11th December 2013 Wesley Williams was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Yvonne Walsh (his former partner) and her seven month old son Harrison earlier this year. It seems that Mr Williams started a relationship with Ms Walsh ‘months’ before they died.

The motivation for the murders are unclear, but the news reports said “Problems between the pair began when Ms Walsh rejected Williams’ proposal of marriage“. It seems that both died due to ‘pressure to the neck‘ of the victims.

Mr Williams had pleaded guilty to both murders last week. Whilst this was not the first time the case has been in Court, it was probably the ‘earliest opportunity’ for the purposes of getting credit for the plea of guilty.

We have a factsheet on how a Judge should approach the setting of a tariff. In this case the starting point would have been 30 years because of the murder of two people.

From this the Judge would have weighed the aggravating and mitigating features before deciding on the final tariff. Here, as the credit would appear to be 5 years (the maximum for murder), the starting point would have been an increase of 4 years over the starting point.

Without knowing the sentencing remarks, we don’t know what the reasons for this are, but it will probably relate to the vulnerability of the victims.

One point which we do not know is whether Mr Williams has any previous convictions, or whether there is any suggestion that he is a perpetrator of domestic violence. That may come out in the next few days and it will be interesting to see what, if anything, that may tell us about whether ‘Clare’s Law’ would have made any difference in this tragic case.


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4 thoughts on “Wesley Williams – life for murder of ex and son

  1. sisterhooduk

    How many more women are going to be killed on the front line of male violence I wonder before this problem, that is dominated by one gender, is recognised and dealt with.

  2. ubadavid

    This is inhuman of the killers of women,the killers should be aressted and be made to face the wrath of the law,I think these killers should be made to die by hanging.

  3. Andrew

    Clare’s Law would only have helped if the victim had chosen to ask. Most wouldn’t, because it is in the nature of things that when A sets up as a partner with B they trust each other and don’t ask Authority about their record. If they are asking that they are probably not setting up.

    And of course if no previous victim has ever complained the search will come back clear. Unless you are going to make it compulsory for victims to report it and punish them if they don’t, and I don’t think that will find many takers.

    ubadavid, why should the murder of a woman by a man be punished by hanging but not any of the other three combinations which can and do happen? I won’t disguise my view that hanging is wrong, wrong, wrong, but if it were right it would be gender-neutral right.


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