Burglar trapped hanging over toilet says “please help. call the police”


Taken from the Telegraph website

Daniel Severn, aged 27, broke into a house intending to steal its contents to sell to fund his heroin addiction. He was carrying a bag and wearing marigolds.

The occupier had gone to bed leaving the bathroom window open so that his cat could get into the house.

At 5.30am he went to the bathroom as he was about to get ready for work. He heard moaning coming from inside the bathroom. As he opened the door, Daniel Severn was “dangling” from the bathroom window, his foot evidently becoming stuck as he attempted to gain entry.

Severn reportedly said to the occupier “Please help. Call the police.”

The police were called and Severn told them that he had been trying to call them as he had been stuck for over an hour. It appears he had dropped his phone in the bath.


He had 80 previous convictions and, according to the Telegraph (where most of the details in this post come from) “was not very good at crime”. He had previously received an 18-month suspended sentence for burglary in 2009.


Severn pleaded guilty to a burglary, possession of an offensive weapon and possession of 260 diazepam tablets.


He received 2 years and four months.

It is likely that this qualified for the minimum sentence for a third domestic burglary. See our fact sheet here on mandatory sentences for a brief explanation.

In those circumstances, the minimum sentence can be discounted by up to 20% of the 3-year minimum. That means that 2 years 4 months (4.8 technically) is the least sentence that could be imposed on the burglary count.

We have no facts about the other two offences and it is likely that because of the principle of totality that any penalty imposed on the other offences were made concurrent (served at the same time) not consecutive (served one after the other) to the burglary sentence.

Let’s hope he gets some drug treatment whilst in prison.

5 thoughts on “Burglar trapped hanging over toilet says “please help. call the police”

  1. John Allman

    I would have loved to have been in court, and to have seen the convicted man’s face, when the judge said, “I have decided that your sentence is to be suspended again, but this time for a period of two years.”

    Hanging wasn’t too good for him, was it?

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