Stephen Lennon Jailed for Mortgage Fraud

Stephen-Lennon-EDLStephen Lennon, the former leader of the English Defence League found himself in Court on 23rd January 2014 for his sentencing on a mortgage fraud. This was almost a year to the day after he was sent to prison for using someone else’s passport to travel to America.

We don’t have much details. It seems that Mr Lennon was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and the total value was £160,000. It seems that it relates to a false representation being made on application forms. He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

There are sentencing guidelines that apply (p24). This would seem to imply that the Judge took it to be equivalent to ‘not fraudulent from the outset, but repeated frauds’, We know that Mr Lennon was charged at the end of 2012 so it was probably a plea close to (if not at) the trial date.

We imagine that more information will come out in the next few days so we may come and have a look at it later.

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