Lee Rigby murderer Michael Adebolajo tries to appeal conviction




It was announced on 30th January 2014 that Michael Adebolajo, convicted last year of the murder of Lee Rigby, will be trying to appeal his conviction.

We don’t have the grounds (they are almost never released) but we imagine that one ground will be whether the Judge was wrong to rule that the jury could not consider Mr Adebolajo’s defence that he was a ‘soldier of Islam’ as this was not a defence in law. There may be other grounds relating to what happened in the trial.

We have a factsheet on how the process works. There is no appeal as of right, but given that Mr Adebolajo has nothing to lose by pursuing an appeal, we expect this to end up in the Court of Appeal one way or another, when we will return to it.

Whilst it is always dangerous to prejudge the facts, we will offer this prediction – there is basically zero chance of the conviction being quashed.

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11 thoughts on “Lee Rigby murderer Michael Adebolajo tries to appeal conviction

  1. duncanheenan

    Is this really Michael Adebolajo wanting to go through the courts, or his lawyers spotting a rich vein of hourly rates available?

  2. Andrew

    Possibly both, Duncan, although I query your choice of the adjective “rich”.

    Mr A has nothing to lose by trying.

  3. Andrew

    I accidentally unsubscribed and send this only to make sure that I have correctly subscribed again.

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  5. Andrew

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    1. Dan Bunting Post author

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