Marine A – Sergeant Blackman Appeal – judgment reserved

Photo from the Telegraph

Photo from the Telegraph

We have previously looked at the case of Sergeant Blackman (formerly known as ‘Marine A’) when he was convicted last year of murder, and later sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 10 years.

We said in the original piece that “It is likely that there will be an appeal by Mr Blackman – it is such an unusual case that he would get permission and it is right for the Court of Appeal to consider the case“. And so it proved to be,

The appeal was heard on 10th April 2014.

Judgement was reserved – this means that the Judges did not give their verdict or findings today, but will think about it, discuss it and give a judgment at a later date (to be confirmed when). This means (probably, although there are other possibilities) that they have found it a difficult exercise. Sergeant Blackman shouldn’t necessarily get his hopes up, there is no guarantee that he will win.

We will come back to this when the judgment is given. For what it’s worth, my bet is that he will lost the murder conviction and maybe have a couple of years knocked off his tariff.

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