Emma Wilson – sentence increased for murder

emma willson

We covered the case of Emma Wilson when she was convicted of murdering her son last September and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 14 years. We commented at the time that the starting point was 15 years but it wasn’t clear why the tariff was reduced to 14 years given that the aggravating features seemed to outweigh the mitigating ones.

Well, we don’t know if the Attorney-General reads the blog, but if he doesn’t then it seems that he had the same view as a prosecutor’s appeal was lodged. This was heard on 15th April 2014 and the Court of Appeal stated that the sentence was not just a lenient one, but one that was unduly lenient. As a result the tariff was increased to 17 years imprisonment.

It will take a few weeks (at least) for the judgment to be published. We will have a look at that when it has been transcribed and published.


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