Paul Flowers charged with drug possession

From The Telegraph

From The Telegraph


The Co-op bank has had a pretty torrid time of late. It wasn’t helped when it was announced today (16th April 2014) that Mr Flowers, the former Chairman, and methodist lay preacher, has been charged with two offences of possession of a Class A drug and once of Possession of a Class C drug.


What happens next?

Mr Flowers will go to Court on 7th May where he will enter a plea. If it is guilty, or pleads guilty but is convicted then he will be sentenced. This will be governed by the Drugs Guidelines produced by the Sentencing Council. The guidance for ‘simple’ possession is at page 30. Everything would depend on the circumstances of course, but the starting point would be a fine.

As Mr Flowers has now been charged and is entitled to the presumption of innocence, we won’t say much more at this stage.

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