Rachel Stokes – care home manager jailed for theft

From The Guardian

                       From The Guardian

On 25th April 2014 Rachel Stokes, a 48 year care home manager was jailed for 8 months for stealing from her residents in order to fund her bingo habit. She had siphoned off money (typically £100-200 a time) from seven residents by withdrawing money from their accounts and giving them less than she recorded in the paperwork. The total amount that she took was about £1,000.

The Theft Guidelines would appear to apply to this case. It is theft in breach of trust, and can properly be described as a ‘high breach of trust’. This gives a starting point of 18 weeks and a range of a Community Order up to 12 months in prison.

Here, there was a plea of guilty at the earliest opportunity, and there should be full credit for that plea. On that basis, the sentence passed was right at the very top of the range.

Is it too high? I would imagine that most people would think that stealing from such vulnerable people is such a disgraceful breach of trust that the sentence is well deserved. Whilst you could argue that, given that Ms Stokes was of good character and will almost certainly not re-offend, a sentence of 6 or 4 months would probably do the trick, I would doubt that any appeal would be successful. In this case, although the sentence is a severe one, it is hard to say that is is manifestly excessive.

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