Stuart Hall on trial for historic sex offences

Image courtesy of the Telegraph

Image courtesy of the Telegraph


Stuart Hall, the 84 year old former television presenter, has been accused of twenty sexual offences with his trial starting on 6th May 2014.


There were, in total, 21 allegations. On 6th May he pleaded guilty to one allegation of indecent assault between 26th January 1978 and 1st January 1979.

These leaves 20 allegations against two complainants as follows :

Complainant A:

  • one charge of rape when she was aged 11-12 (dating from 1st January 1976- 1st January 1977) and
  • seven charges of rape on the same complainant from when she was aged 13 to 16 (between 1st January 1979 and 1st January 1981).
  • three charges of indecent assault during this period

Complainant B:

  • seven charges of rape (alleged to have been committed between 1st January 1976 and 30th September 1978, when she was aged between 14 and 16). Five of these relate to when she was under 16.
  • two charges of indecent assault  during this period

In both cases it was alleged that Mr Hall plied the girls with alcohol and, effectively, ‘groomed’ them over a period of time.

In relation to A, Mr Hall is alleged to have raped her at least 30 times in a 12 month period. It seems that when A first disclosed the alleged abuse to her (now ex) husband, he blackmailed her about it.

With girl B, this occurred when she was aged between 12 and 15. This ended when she was 16.

The jury have been told about Mr Hall’s convictions last year (not that it would have been possible to find 12 people who had not heard of this) and that he denied the allegations when he was interviewed.

In this case the defence (unusually, but quite properly) have made an opening speech. In this, it appears that Mr Hall is saying that the issue is “whether or not the complainant concerned either did or might have consented to sexual intercourse” which, it appears, Mr Hall by implication accepts happened.

We will update this post when the case gets properly underway and the full details of the allegations are made public.


Mr Hall will be sentenced for the indecent assault that he has pleaded guilty to at the end of the trial (irrespective of the verdicts returned, if any, by the jury).

We have a factsheet on the prosecution and sentencing of historic sexual offences.

2 thoughts on “Stuart Hall on trial for historic sex offences

  1. antonynostro

    All these celebrity’s must have known about each other vile secret’s,maybe that’s why savile wasn’t exposed .? As for stuart hall i hope the dirty owl bastard die’s behind the door,appology,s for swearing?


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