Operation Cotton in the Court of Appeal – Preview

Image from ibtimes.co.uk

Image from ibtimes.co.uk

We covered the case of R v Crawley & Others, better known as Operation Cotton last week when, on 1st May 2014 HHJ Leonard ‘stayed’ the proceedings due to the fact that no lawyers would work after their rates had been cut by 30%.

Well, the Prosecution confirmed on 2nd May to the Judge (just after he had sent Max Clifford down) that they would be appealing the case to the Court of Appeal.

Next Tuesday (12th May) Lord Justice Leveson (the President of the Queen’s Bench Division) will sit with two Lord Justices Treacy and Davis to hear the appeal. Normally there would be one LJ and two High Court Judges, so the fact that there is a full complement of ‘ LJs’ indicates that they are taking it seriously. The stakes are high and we anticipate that whilst we will not find out the result on Tuesday (or possibly Wednesday – it seems that there may be two days set aside for the argument), we will get a relatively quick decision.

The ‘normal’ rules about appeals to the Court of Appeal apply here. We will, of course, return to this case as and when the judgement is given.

We’ve never run a poll here as it would normally a bit tasteless given our usual content. But, there’s a time for everything, so I thought we’d try here. Predictions please …

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