Jayne Rand : Handbag thief to repay £117,171

Photo from the Express

                           Photo from the Express


We covered the case of Jayne Rand who was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment last October after having stolen 905 handbags, some to order. As we noted at the time, Ms Rand had made about £88,000 from a buying and selling business on ebay “which may well be the subject of confiscation proceedings in due course“.

Well, in due course was the 20th May 2014 as the BBC reported that Ms Rand had been made the subject of a Confiscation Order in the sum of £117,171.


What is a Confiscation Order?

We would direct you to our fact sheet on confiscation, but er, we haven’t got one. It’s now on our to do list.

The theory is that if people make money from a criminal activity then they should not be able to keep it and so a Confiscation Order can be made to deprive them of the benefit, not as an additional punishment.

The practice is different – it is a fiendishly complicated area of law and often works to be grossly unfair on some individual cases (this isn’t my view – it’s pretty much well acknowledged). In this case, without knowing more details, it is not possible to say where this falls.


Did she appeal?

At the time of the sentence we opined that the sentence may be a bit too long. We have searched the caselaw databases and can’t find any record of the Court of Appeal having heard an appeal against sentence by her. That is not definitive, but it appears that if Ms Rand did try to appeal, she did not get very far …

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3 thoughts on “Jayne Rand : Handbag thief to repay £117,171

  1. Liberte, Egalite, Sororite

    Does anyone know what happened to the handbags that hadn’t been sold by Ms Rand?


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