Nadine Wilson-Ellis – disbarred after fraud conviction

Image from the Western Press

Image from the Western Press

Last year Nadine Wilson-Ellis, a barrister and law lecturer, was convicted of housing benefit fraud and sent to prison for 7 months. We didn’t actually say in that, that this would spell the end of her legal career, but confirmation of that was received on 8th July 2014 where the Bar Standards Board heard Ms Wilson-Ellis’s case and disbarred her (the highest sanction that they can impose).

This is not a surprise. Ms Wilson-Ellis hadn’t actually practised as a barrister, but will no longer be able to start her training if she had wanted to. This will not affect her work as a Law Lecturer as a matter of law, but the University may well have taken action against her.

9 thoughts on “Nadine Wilson-Ellis – disbarred after fraud conviction

  1. Liberte, Egalite, Sororite

    So sad and so many lives ruined for the sake of a moment of madness. I hope she can pick herself up again.

    1. @Local_Counsel

      More than a “moment” by the sounds of it. At least we can all be sure that her next JSA claim will be kosher

    2. Dan Bunting Post author

      Slightly longer than a moment of madness, but yes. Very sad. And will be very difficult for her to pick herself up again, but I hope she does and people give her a second chance.

  2. Andrew

    I don’t think she will ever be called to the Bar again and I don’t think she should be.


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