Ian Watkins back in Court on 23rd July for appeal against sentence

Photo from the Independent

Photo from the Independent


We have covered the case of Lost Prophets singer Ian Watkins previously on the blog. When he was sentenced, we said that it was a very, very high sentence and permission to appeal was likely to be granted. On that basis, it wasn’t a surprise when The Independent reported on 16th July 2014 that he has been given permission to appeal.

The full appeal hearing is next Wednesday, 23rd July 2014.

Here’s some of our previous pieces on the case:


What will happen?

The hearing will be a full appeal against sentence we understand. The Judges will have the papers, so anyone sitting in Court to watch it may well be a bit confused as they won’t have all that information.

It probably won’t actually last that long – maybe half an hour. A cynic would say that the Judges will have come to their conclusion, and even written their judgment, in advance.

There has been a move recently to have more hearings out of London, and to create a legal hub in Cardiff to represent Wales. There is a ‘Civil and Family Justice Centre’ there that can hear many cases.

Because of the need for a secure dock for Mr Watkins, this appeal will actually be heard in the Crown Court at Cardiff, even though it will be sitting for the day as the Court of Appeal.

As to the outcome? Difficult to say. Having to serve at least 19 years is one of the highest sentences ever handed out for this sort of offending. Having said that, this was a particularly horrific set of offences, and an extremely lengthy sentence was in order.

I imagine that there will be two strands to the appeal. Firstly, that an extended sentenced was not necessary. This is unlikely to get anywhere due to the nature of the offending.

Where Mr Watkins is on stronger ground is the argument that the sentence was just too long. When an extended sentence is passed, the usual need in sexual offences sentencing for public safety doesn’t apply. In light of that, I would imagine a total sentence of 30 years, with 24 years plus an extension of 6 years would have been more appropriate.

But, we’ll certainly have a look at this next week.


7 thoughts on “Ian Watkins back in Court on 23rd July for appeal against sentence

  1. Andrew

    The secure dock, I would imagine, more for his safety than to make sure he doesn’t reduce his own sentence . . .

  2. shanefielding

    I really hope it goes well for him, 35 years was tooo much :( there’s people who helped plan the 911 what killed thousands of people who only got 6/7 years :( it’s not fair at all!

  3. James

    No pedophile in the entire history of humanity recieved 29 years w/ 6 on license, death penalty? Sure but no one needeth spend so much time being watched, he didnt actually rape the baby, people attempt suicide but still live unharmed, i think the judge just hated his music lol… he should have 10 years without license, not even murderers get 29 years know what i mean.. I hope he is successful in reducing sentence

  4. Andrew

    James: “i think the judge just hated his music lol”

    Not funny in the least.

    I don’t know what is the right sentence but it is more than any damned ten years.

  5. Peter S

    For those who are supporting a reduction in sentenfe did you actually read the full sentencing remarks from the judge. I did and it was one of the most disturbing things I have ever read. The person who said he didnt rape the babies needs to go back to those remarks as what he did do was pure evil. I will not quote as frankly it is disgusting.

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