Ian Watkins – Appeal

Photo from The Mirror

Photo from The Mirror


We have covered the case of Ian Watkins before and mentioned that, as expected, he was appealing his sentence.

This was heard on 23rd July 2014 where …

For our background pieces, see :

Appeal Ruling


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6 thoughts on “Ian Watkins – Appeal

    1. Liberte, Egalite, Sororite

      Same here slightly amazed that they thought they should have been treated more leniently.

  1. Andrew

    Who is “they”, L-E-S?

    If it’s Watkins , or the other appellant, well, remember what Mandy Rice-Davies so famously said.

    If the lawyers, that’s their function.

    The main thing is that they lost.

  2. Andrew

    Sorry L-E-S: re-reading what you say you obviously meant the two appellants. They probably did not think so but from where they are they had nothing to lose by trying.


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