About us

This blog was set up by Dan, Sara and Lyndon after a discussion on Twitter concerning inaccurate reports of criminal cases in the press, the lack of public understanding of the criminal justice system and the number of unlawful sentences handed out by the courts.

The belief that the public should understand the law and its application is not a new one. However, it was noted that many news reports, and consequently discussions had by the public concerning cases of interest, are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the law (and on numerous occasions, inaccurate facts). In addition, it appears that many solicitors, barristers and even judges, make fundamental errors of law.

Dan, Sara and Lyndon were all avid followers of 1 Crown Office Row’s UK Human Rights Blog and sought to replicate just some of the success that their team had enjoyed.

And so, the blog was born.

1 thought on “About us

  1. george styles

    firstly thanks for a great blog/website. it’s one of the best I’ve seen in this area and is packed with interesting information and comment.

    if you are looking for topics to write about, id be very interested in your views about extrateratorial implications of recent social media controversies, eg the Paul chambers case and similar.

    I am wondering what the situation would be if I (a UK citizen) was to post something to twitter /facebook which broke UK laws (menacing, grossly offensive etc) while on holiday abroad (assuming im using a local wifi connection for simplicity). perhaps from a state like the usa that has stronger freedom of speech rights than we do.

    as I understand it, the UK only claims foreign jurisdiction for certain serious financial crimes and child protection issues.

    anyway, no worries if that’s not something that interests you.. and obviously I’m not angling for legal advice haha.

    keep up the good work, and cheers for a cracking read… thanks



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