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In using the UK Criminal Law Blog (‘UKCLB’), you agree to the following terms of service.

i) The commenter grants UKCLB a perpetual license to reproduce the words contained in their comment, along with any accompanying name, or blog title/link.

ii) The commenter aggrees to their name, email address and IP address being recorded by WordPress and held by UKCLB until such time as the comment is removed from the site. The above listed information is retained by UKCLB at the point of submission of a comment.

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iv) UKCLB reserves the right to delete or edit comments without notice. Reasons for this may be because, in the opinion of the editors, the content constitutes: spam, advertising, abuse, or defamatory material.

The decision to edit or delete a comment is final.

v) The commenter agrees that the commenter accepts responsiblity for the content of their comment(s). The editors of the site and other contributors accept no responsibiity for any material posted in the comments section.

vi) The commenter agrees that, if their comment contains or allegedly contain defamatory phrases, they indemnify the editor and/or any authorised author of this site in respect of any and all costs and/or losses and/or damages incurred by them in respect of that comment or comments.

Legal Disclaimer

This website is not to be used by individuals looking for advice on their own criminal case. If you need legal advice then please find a solicitor and arrange an appointment. Due to legal regulations and matters of insurance we cannot give any legal advice. Nothing that is written on this website should be construed as the giving of legal advice or relied on as legal advice. We reserve the right to delete any comment that is, or appears to be, seeking or giving legal advice.

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