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Ian Watkins seeks permission to appeal

Watkins date set

According to the BBC, Ian Watkins will – as we predicted – seek leave to appeal against his sentence. He was given an Extended Determinate Sentence of 29 years with a 6 year licence. He will have to serve 2/3 of the 29-year sentence and the remainder on licence.

It is unknown whether Watkins’ co-defendants – who are still the subject of anonymity provisions – are seeking to appeal against their sentences.

An explanation of the sentence is here .

The process

The appeal papers will be prepared and put before the single judge. That is a High Court judge who assesses the merits of the appeal on the papers. There is no hearing.

The single judge has two options. He or she either grants leave to appeal – where a hearing before the Court of Appeal follows – or refuses leave – whereupon Watkins has two options: He can drop the appeal or he can ‘renew’ the application, which means he goes before the Court of Appeal to ask for permission at a hearing.

More detail can be found in our appeals factsheet here.


It is always dangerous but I would expect this to get permission and go before the full court (3 judges), probably including the Lord Chief Justice.

We’ll keep you posted…